Reporter shares story of 11-year-old girl rescued from Al-Hol camp in Syria



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Taulant Koplikaj, a reporter that has been inside the Syrian refugee camps during rescue missions of several Albanian citizens, said that currently at Roj there are around 50 Albanian nationals.

He shared with Euronews Albania the story of an 11-year old girl he met two weeks ago at Roj camp. In tears, the little girl had told him of her wish to return to Tirana, and meet her childhood friends once again.

“I promised her that we would bring her back, but it was more of a wishful desire. Good luck wanted that she returned to Tirana today”, said Koplikaj.

He also emphasized that going inside Al-Hol is a challenging and dangerous task due to the large presence of ISIS terrorists, both inside and outside of the camp’s premises.

In addition, he said that it is difficult to have an estimate of the number of Albanian nationals still living in the hellish camps, because according to the reporter some of them are being held hostage, or have changed names, making it increasingly difficult to identify them.



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