“Uncooperative”, Anti-Terror chief: Over 30 people still stranded at Al-Hol



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The chief of the Anti-Terror department at the Albanian State Police, Gledis Nano, told the media that there are around 30 Albanian nationals at Syria’s Al-Hol refugee camp.

The high police official emphasized that it is very challenging to work with those who are still behind at the infamous refugee camp as they are not very cooperative with the structures that are trying to repatriate them.

“Many children and women are not allowed to be repatriated. At Al-Hol they are very uncooperative and hide at the moment when police structures go to rescue them”, said the Anti-Terror chief.

He also clarified that the 19 Albanian nationals were rescued from camp Roj, where they were dislocated from the previous operation as it has better living conditions.

Earlier on, Prime Minister Edi Rama described the repatriation mission of the 14 children and 5 women as “dangerous”.



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