Albania a country of transit, thousands of Indian and Pakistani nationals entered in recent months



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Majram Gutitzing is an Indian national. Together with many other compatriots, he is staying in Albania for 2 weeks.

His final destination, Italy – a country, which can be reached by Indian citizens only if they stay in another transit country for a period no less than 2 weeks.

“Otherwise I can’t go there. Because of the Delta virus, this rule applies to three countries: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India,” says another Indian citizen.

Since Albania took away the visa system temporarily from April until the end of the year for countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Russia, Thailand and India, thousands of Indians have appeared across Tirana.

Reports from police say for Euronews Albania that in the last weeks of August, around 2 477 Indian citizens have entered our country and 1 930 have left.

However, it’s not only Indians that are using Albania as a transit country toward countries of the EU, where it’s impossible for them to enter because of anti-COVID restrictions.

Likewise, Italy isn’t the only European destination that is easily accessible through Albania.

Based on data from the Tims system, regarding entries and departures, citizens from Pakistan seem to have been taking advantage of this opportunity also.

For days now, at the Rinas airport, authorities are expecting the planes that are bringing in the refugees from Afghanistan but during 2021, around 48 Afghan citizens are reported to have entered our country, in order to precede the situation created by the Taliban taking back power.

According to data from the state police, 15 Afghan citizens are currently staying in Albania. Like citizens from Pakistan, they too can enter our country without a visa.




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