Aldo Bumçi: Rama and Vucic supported the separation of Kosovo



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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic both shared the same idea when it comes to dividing Kosovo, said former foreign affairs minister Aldo Bumçi on Now with Erla Mëhilli.

Apart from seeing Rama and Vucic as directly involved in the land swap between Kosovo and Serbia, Bumçi reiterated that it was the German chancellor that blasted the idea by keeping them close and giving them political capital.

According to the former minister, the two leaders that turned to the new project, the Open Balkan initiative.

“They were both in favor of the separation of Kosovo. Merkel gave them power, political capital and invited them to many meetings. Two leaders got political capital and worked on another project”, Bumçi said.

The land swap between Kosovo and Serbia stirred a massive debate in the Balkan and European political scene, with critics outcrying that the move might result in further territorial claims and set out a dangerous precedent in the region.


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