Rama’s third cabinet gets green light in Parliament



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On Thursday, the ruling majority and opposition are set to debate over the new government’s program. The Democratic Party is calling on PM Edi Rama to return to the Assembly in order to continue the discussions.

19:25 – PM Rama mocks DP leader Basha

Right after the DP leader’s speech in parliament, PM Rama went to the podium and began mocking his political opponent. According to Rama, Basha’s speech resembled that of the election campaign.

“I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said that I had higher expectations of you, but sincerely how can you speak on behalf of the opposition, at a moment which even you yourself considered important, with a speech that was almost entirely copy-pasted from your campaign speech…”, said Rama.

19:19 – Basha on Open Balkan: Albania must support Kosovo’s interests

Apart from criticizing PM Rama, Basha also sought clarifications on the circumstances obliging him to support the initiative.

“What motivates your disgust for the Berlin Process, initiated by Germany and supported by the EU? What forces you to invest so much in a parallel initiative created in Novi Sad, whose highest authority is Aleksandar Vucic. You don’t care about regional cooperation”, said Basha.

“Regional cooperation should begin from Novi Sad, but Mitrovica. Albania has one duty: support Kosovo because what is not good for Kosovo is not good for Albania either”, he added.

18:35 – DP leader Lulzim Basha criticizes PM Edi Rama

The leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha said from the podium that the country’s democracy has been “assassinated”, hinting at free and fair elections.

“The OSCE/ODIHR report confirms the electoral massacre. It says that the party in power and the state have melted in one piece. You’ve stolen citizen’s data and established the criminal system of patrons. You’ve used the worst organized crime groups to exert pressure on voters”, accused Basha.

He also blamed the Rama government for the migration of citizens, comparing Albania to Syria when it comes to asylum seekers figures.

Basha did not see it as reasonable to comment on the new government program.

“I won’t go over it, because it’s like commenting on nothingness. The only program you have is plundering everything that is public or private, for your own interests, and for those of your clients”, he added.

18:15 – PM Rama justifies late arrival in parliament

Prime Minister Edi Rama said he could not make it at 5 PM, as had been previously announced, due to his busy schedule, and appealed to the opposition to refrain from attitudes that hamper the progress of the session.

18:00 – PM Rama arrives in Parliament

Prime Minister Edi Rama arrives in parliament one hour after his supposed arrival.

17:55 – DP lawmaker Jorida Tabaku says “nothing new” in Rama 3 government plan

The MP of the Democratic Party Jorida Tabaku said that no major achievements were reached during the Socialist rule. According to her, Albania is seen today as a country where money laundering is “blooming”.

“The informal economy is at 40%. Albania is considered a country for money laundering. Today only the honest is taxed. Small enterprises are under enormous pressure. He has plundered every public and private property”, she said.

17:48 – DP wants explanations why PM Rama is not present in the session

The head of DP’s parliamentary group Alfred Rushaj is seeking an explanation from the speaker of the assembly why PM Rama did not show up to the session at 5 PM, as it was announced.

“You said that the prime minister would come at 5 PM. This is a mockery of the Albanian people. Citizens need to know why the prime minister did not come”, Rushaj said.

17:30 – Plenary session resumes, deputy premier takes the podium

The plenary session has resumed after being suspended two times. Deputy prime minister Arben Ahmetaj took the stand, stating that the third term will mainly focus on the development of society.

Ahmeti added that the earthquake and the pandemic dealt a strong blow to the second term of the Socialists. According to him, all jobs lost due to the pandemic have been recovered.

17:20 – Plenary session suspended for a second time

The deputy leader of the Democratic Party Enkelejd Alibeaj blocked the podium, causing the session to be suspended for a second time.

17:00 – DP returns to parliament, PM Rama not present

After a short break, the third plenary session has resumed, however, despite a request made by the Democrats to PM Rama to come to the Parliament, the latter has not shown up.

16:30 – DP calls on PM Rama to return to the Parliament

The Democratic Party wants to pause the session until the prime minister returns, while Lulzim Basha has refused to talk.

“We propose to suspend the session until the prime minister arrives. I demand to suspend the session and gather the conference of the leaders. I don’t think that there are any other sessions more important than this one, which seeks to defend the prime minister’s plan for the upcoming four years”, said Democrat MP Alfred Rushaj.

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