Tirana scores 1st in study ranking European cities from cheapest to priciest for a weekend gateway



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Albania’s capital ranked first, in the list showcasing the most affordable European cities to spend a weekend break, according to a study by British Post Office Travel Money – a retail post office company in the UK.

The conclusions of this study were drawn after gathering data like prices for a cup of coffee, hotel rooms, restaurants and other things a tourist could want to do during a holiday in the city.

The last in the list, i.e. the most expensive European city to spend a vacation in, was Oslo in Norway.

As expected, Eastern European cities took most of the places in the list’s Top 10 best-value cities.

Tirana was followed by Katovica, Poland in 2nd place, followed by Vilnus, Lithuania in the 3rd followed by Lisbon, Portugal taking 4th and Riga, Latonia wrapping up the Top 5.

The study found that a cup of coffee in Tirana, costs up to £0.61 pounds whereas accommodation for a weekend in a 3-star hotel would average around £61 pounds.

In the list of prices, a pint of beer in Tirana is priced at around £1.85 pounds, which is usually the same as a glass of wine here.

Dinner for two plus wine, in the Albanian capital, is priced at £38 pounds.

The final cost, which includes accommodation and a city tour plus visits to various tourist attractions like museums and galleries, the British Post Office found that two people would need only £132.41 pounds, to spend a weekend in Tirana.

The second cheapest city, Katovica is said to take £164.13 pounds out of two British tourists’ pockets for the duration of a weekend.

When it comes to wining and dining, this British study found that the price range for a three-course meal for two including a bottle of wine in Tirana wouldn’t exceed £38, compared to Stockholm’s  £138.15 pounds.

In addition, second in the list, Iceland’s Reykjavik reached £414 for a long weekend for 2, followed by Helsinki at £394.

Some of Europe’s favorites ranked like this: Amsterdam at £379, Venice at £382 and Paris at £340.

Check out the full list and details by clicking here.




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