Panel on reciprocity dispute: ‘Could end up being a boomerang’,’Time for Kosovo to escape the existential complex’



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During his appearance on Euronews Albania’s panel show ‘Now’, analyst Agon Maliqi stated that the Kurti administration should be shown support regarding its recent initiative to demand ‘license plate reciprocity’ from Serbia.

According to him, this is a proactive approach not only in regards to Serbia but one that should apply to its other allies as well.

However, if this situation isn’t managed correctly, the analyst said that it could turn into a boomerang for Kurti.

“It’s good that we’ve provoked reactions; it’s an escalation of the situation, similar to what happened with the 100% tax. However, if not managed correctly, it might turn into a boomerang and this is part of the risk that comes with it and has already been taken into account by Kurti,” – argued Maliqi.

Çollaku: Kosovo should let go of its ‘existential complex’

Democratic MP, Kreshink Collaku gave his take on the matter, saying that through the recent decision to demand reciprocity, Kosovo escapes the trap of the ‘existential complex’ that was imposed onto it by the dialogue process.

According to Collaku, mutual recognition doesn’t only interest Kosovo; the same thing is true for Serbia.

“It shouldn’t be Kosovo’s goal to get Serbia’s recognition. It should, in fact, be Serbia’s goal to get recognized by Kosovo. Why should we go on with this existential complex, when another 100 years could pass by and Serbia still might choose to not recognize Kosovo? It is already an advantage that we ourselves have granted them and reciprocity undoes this,” – argued Collaku.

The DP official continued by saying that in the international arena, Kosovo’s lack of recognition by the United Nations is only a result of Russia’s and China’s veto in the Security Council.




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