Analyst calls voting ‘for’ a government despite absolute conviction that it’s corrupt, a paradox



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According to analyst, Ermal Hasimja there’s a grand paradox, when it comes to Albanian citizens still voting in favour of certain politicians on election day, despite the fact that they’re absolutely convinced that they’re corrupt.

While commenting on the results of last night’s Barometer, which asked Albanians how they feel about their government and whether or not they think it’s corrupt – to which 92% of them replied by saying that they believed their government is ‘drenched in corruption’ – Hasimja said that “the statistics are scandalous’.

Hasimja also added that the main problem according to him is the lack of reasonable correlation between this judgement and the action it’s followed by, i.e., voting for that same government.

“You feel like asking yourself, who the heck votes for these people that are so obviously corrupt, and that’s a question every single Albanian should ask themselves, and should have asked way before the elections,” – said Hasmija.

Another argument made by Hasmija was that based on this poll, one could come to the conclusion that citizens don’t mind being led by a corrupt government. He also insisted however, that we can’t lay the blame and responsibility on people for this corruption, as that burden falls first and foremost onto the government.

In turn, Hasmija argued that when it comes to the general public opinion in Albania, corruption isn’t even being perceived as a moral problem or an ethical one.

“There’s plenty of people here that say, come on, this is how this works in the entire world; corruption can be found everywhere,” – said Hasmija, adding that corruption will start to be fought, detested and opposed only when people start seeing it as a deeply moral and ethical problem.



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