Analyst deconstructs most recent messages shared by the US ambassador



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Analyst Alekander Cipa told Euronews Albania that what the US ambassador, Yuri Kim, meant by her declarations following her first meeting with DP Chair Lulzim Basha since Berisha’s ousting, is that the United States are steadfast on their non grata designation for former PM, Sali Berisha.

In addition, Cipa said that the language used by Mrs. Kim contained clear messages directed at Berisha and his supporters.

“What was articulated by the US ambassador today after her meeting at the DP headquarters, wasn’t really a message for Lulzim Basha, but rather a direct message for the supporters of Sali Berisha. There should be no more room for doubt – Berisha’s non grata designation implies a strictly non-negotiable stance,”- said Cipa.

According to Cipa, the Democratic Party is currently at an absolute deadlock, which will be followed by “a series of complex situations”.

In fact, Cipa doesn’t exclude the possibility that the allegations made by the US Department of State against Berisha, could be materialized into a legal proceeding.

“The allegations made by the US Department of State, whose form resembles that of a political epitaph and whose substance is purely judicial, are publicly accusing [Berisha] of hampering democracy and supporting corruption; in fact, his family members and political partners are also being accused, which means they too could be subject to prosecution and a possible legal proceeding. I believe we will have the chance, in the near future, to verify and prove all of this,” – argued Cipa.



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