US ambassador Kim: Whoever attempts to set the US against Albanians, is wrong



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US ambassador, Yuri Kim gave a statement for the press after her meeting with the Chair of DP, Lulzim Basha, during which she said that Washington will remain committed to working closely with the Democratic Party.

During their first meeting after the DP leader decided to oust Sali Berisha from the party’s parliamentary group, the US ambassador said that she is aware of the difficult moment DP is going through, but she emphasized that she hopes to see DP come out stronger from this crisis, and be in a position to win the elections.

“As you all know, the American government has had a strong relationship with DP right from the beginning. We were there, when DP came to power for the first time and we hope to be in a position, once again to celebrate when they regain power. Democracy is defined by the existence of a viable strong opposition party,”- said the US ambassador.

The US ambassador also stated that the US is committed to fighting the war against corruption and lack of impunity, at any possible level, while responding to the accusations of outsiders meddling into Albania’s domestic matters.

“I would like to confirm that, from the perspective of Washington, we are dead serious about the fight against corruption and impunity, and we will continue to move forward and we will continue to attack this problem wherever we find it, regardless of rank, position or party. I have seen some disturbing reports that what has happened in terms of our designation is somehow an attack on Albania’s sovereignty. It’s factually wrong and it’s offensive.

I would remind everyone that on May 6th 1919, when the rest of the world wanted Albania to disappear, US president Wilson was the one who spoke up and said that Albania should be independent. So, for those who would attempt to place the United States opposite to the people of Albania, I would say to them you are wrong,”- said the US ambassador.



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