Albanian Foreign Ministry calls on Serbia to withdraw forces from Kosovo border



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The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Albania has reacted to the situation that is continuing to escalate in Northern Kosovo.

The situation peaked yesterday, prompting today’s reaction of the Foreign Ministry which condemned ‘the vandal acts, committed by individuals that set fires in several vehicle registration centres in Zubin Potok’, while also calling on the Serbian government to withdraw all armed forces from its border with Kosovo.

“Albania is particularly concerned about the deployment of Serbian armed forces close to their border with Kosovo, including military airfare that are currently flying above Kosovo’s airspace, triggering individuals to provoke further havoc and acts of violence, while also aiming to destabilize Kosovo. These acts go against all international agreements, which aim to ensure order and stability in this part of the region.

We call on Serbia to withdraw all armed forces from their border with Kosovo and work instead on immediately de-escalating the situation. We urge all involved actors to exercise self-restraint and immediately head to the dialogue, as the only way to walk forward and resolve the matters that have remained at a standstill with a spirit of cooperation. Albania is unequivocally committed to these matters, through its bilateral and multilateral efforts,” – reads the written reaction of the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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