Protests against mandatory vaccination, 10 arrested in Tirana



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10 citizens were arrested and released in Tirana after the protests against mandatory vaccination at ‘Mother Theresa’ square, and are now being processed for ‘’unlawful assembly”, ‘public calls for violent acts’ and ‘obstruction of pedestrian or vehicular traffic”.

Based on the police statement the following citizens are involved in this proceeding:

A. G., 51, A. B., 21, K. O., 43, A. Dh., 34, K. G., 26, E. D., 27, A. P., 42, I. K., 42, B. B., 37 and K. K., 42.

“The abovementioned citizens were part of an unlawful protest that was organized at Mother Theresa square, before heading over to the ‘Deshmoret e Kombit’ boulevard, during which they have made public calls for violent acts, while also obstructing the free movement of traffic and public transport,” – read the police report.



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