New details surface over death of Russian tourists, embassy heads to the morgue



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New details have been released on the death of four Russian tourists, while sources have also confirmed that representatives from the Russian embassy were seen today at the morgue.

Embassy staff was at the morgue to follow the procedures from near, while a medical examiner will determine the cause of death.

The Russian tourists had arrived in Albania on Sunday and checked in at a beach resort in the coastal village of Qerret on Friday evening. They had just returned from Ohrid together with a group of tourists as part of a vacation package.

After having dinner around 9 PM, the four victims went to the SPA. The receptionist recalls to have asked them if she could be of any service, but they had refused.

The same receptionist approached the tourists some minutes before the SPA would close, but nobody had responded.

A medical examiner report is also expected to reveal whether the victims were under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Four Russian tourists, respectively two men and two women, were found dead late Friday inside a sauna at a beach resort in the coastal village of Qerret, around 50 kilometers away from the capital.

According to a preliminary investigation, the cause of death might have been due to asphyxiation.

Other members from the same group of tourists had become worried and started searching for their travel companions, and it was them who found the victims with no signs of life inside the sauna.



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