Global Organized Crime Index: Albania continues to rank high



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Albania continues to rank amongst some of the most problematic countries in the world in regards to organized crime and other forms of criminal conduct.

The Global Organized Crime Index ranked Albania amongst 70 countries out of 193 that were examined in total, observing that that country has shown little ability in the fight against crime due to the involvement in it of state officials.

The report describes Albania as a country where criminal networks dominate the scene by being influential in numerous illicit activities.

“Mafia-style groups exert their control over the criminal markets involving drugs, human trafficking, smuggling, and recently, they’re also looking to enter into public procurement. They have positioned themselves as some of the most powerful criminal organizations in all of Europe,” – notes the report.

In regards to the progression of criminality, the global index identified that this phenomenon is also linked to their collaboration with high-ranking public officials.

“Members of criminal organizations have also been appointed to political functions across various levels of the government apparatus. Criminal networks are increasingly embedded into local and regional-level structures and they operate with the police while being offered political protection,” – continued the report.

In addition, the report noted that Albanian criminal networks are for the most part involved in drug trafficking, especially in cannabis and cocaine markets across Europe.

Apart from trafficking, they are also involved with storage and distribution. Based on the report, it’s fair to say that Albanian groups have been able to gain control over a significant portion of the narcotics market in Europe.



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