Mandatory vaccination, Socialist and Democratic MPs make their case on RinON



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In tonight’s RinON – Euronews Albania’s latest weekly show bringing together students and political personalities – Socialist MP, Blerina Gjylameti and Democratic MP, Ina Zhupa came face to face with students Ina Metalija and Aldi Shehu to debate about the current issues surrounding Education in our country.

When asked about the government’s most recent decision to mandate vaccination for all students and the issues that have come up as a result, Ms. Gjylameti said that Albania has only followed through with the example of European countries, where vaccination has been mandated for many categories, as the only way to protect public health.

While admitting to the reality that students were faced with a lack of clarity during the first week of the new academic year, the Socialist MP argued that the main reason behind these issues was ‘none other than the negative influence of the media’.

“There has been a lack of clarity amongst students over the first few days and this has been a result of media influence, but we should listen to the experts. The vaccine shouldn’t be a choice, it is a requirement,” – said the Socialist MP.

According to the Democratic MP, Ina Zhupa however, the government is not only following a double standard when it comes to mandatory vaccination for students, but it is also lacking any clear strategy in regards to the management of this situation, which has led to students not being allowed the necessary time to get informed.

“During the first day of the new academic year, after 2 years of online classes, we saw the absurdity of having school guards ask students for personal information, by taking upon themselves competencies they don’t actually possess. There should have been a better collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and the Rectorate, who should have set up a specifically dedicated personnel. It was a disorganized strategy, on the government’s side. The issue lies with the strategy, time, and mistrust that Albanians feel towards the Committee of Experts, that is much more political [than it is professional],” – said the Democratic MP.



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