Kurti in Elbasan: Let us speak like diplomats and work like patriots



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The progress seen so far, in terms of the number of agreements should be accompanied by the quality of their implementation because their importance is economic, just as much as it is historical.

These were the remarks made by Kosovo’s PM, Albin Kurti, in his opening speech for the 7th bilateral government meeting between Kosovo and Albania and the first official Rama-Kurti meeting.

“To say that we are happy to be a nation separated into 2 is crazy talk. To say that we have two states because we are stronger this way would be exaggerated just as much as it would be short-sighted. Saying that one should commit himself to national unification would deem him a nationalist, and to say that we will unite once we get to the European Union would deem us, diplomats,” – said Kurti.

Therefore, he added, “let’s speak like diplomats and work like patriots”.

“Today, patriotism is shown through fighting corruption and organized crime, in fighting for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, in fighting for an autonomous judicial and an all-inclusive economy through social justice – only this kind of patriotism will make both of our states stronger and make our citizens’ dreams come to life, their dreams to live proudly in their own country,” – added Kurti.

Kosovo’s PM made mention of the 2019 earthquake as well, as today marks 2 years since the catastrophe that struck Albania and took the lives of 51 citizens while leaving behind major material damages.

This was the first official meeting, where Albin Kurti participated as the prime minister of Kosovo.

Several important agreements are set to be signed today between Kosovo and Albania.

This is the 7th joint meeting between the governments of Kosovo and Albania and the first meeting between the Rama-Kurti administrations.



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