No more stops from Albania to Kosovo and vice-versa, all border controls lifted  



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The free circulation of citizens in Albania and Kosovo will be facilitated and checks at the border will be discontinued.

The news was announced by Albania’s minister of internal affairs, Bledi Cuci, who said that in collaboration with his homolog in Kosovo, Xhelal Svecla, cameras will be installed in border checkpoints that will serve to monitor the entries and departures in both countries.

According to Cuci, although this isn’t part of today’s agreements, it has been requested by both PM Rama and Kurti in their last meeting, which is why we won’t be waiting for the summer season to alleviate people’s free circulation, especially at the main border crossings in our countries.

Cameras will be automatically registering the registration plates of cars passing by the border without the need to have a clerk check on every single driver.

The minister also clarified that in days with high influx like the festivities of November 28-29, both sides of the border have been advised to stop all checks and let motor vehicles pass by without stopping.

“I believe that we are on the right way to start experiencing facilitated circulation without perceiving us as two different countries,” – said Cuci.



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