Former MEP, Doris Pack on Berisha’s ousting, non-grata status and US ambassador, Yuri Kim 



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In an interview for Euronews Albnaia, former European Parliament MP, Doris Pack, said that DP’s chair, Lulzim Basha violated the party’s statute by making the decision to oust the former democratic leader, Sali Berisha, without consulting with the party’s membership beforehand.

According to Pack, the US decided to declare Berisha and his immediate family ‘non grata’ without presenting any evidence and that the US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, is unjustly playing a political role in the country, something that isn’t acceptable by any standard, including her initiative to urge Basha to expel Berisha from DP’s parliamentary group.

“And I can’t understand, how our sister party, the Democratic Party, went ahead with this without asking their members, because the party’s statute states clearly how the party leader should act in such circumstances and I believe that if he had done this, he would have been able to find a better solution, instead of simply acting by himself,” – said the former MP of the European Parliament.

Moreover, Mrs. Pack said that Berisha is in his own right when protecting himself, demanding answers and gathering the support of Democrats that have known him for a long time and ‘believe that his non grata designation by the United States is unfounded’

In addition, Pack’s advice to Democrats in terms of what needs to be done next, is for them to ‘hold a convention and solve the problems which are on the table’.



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