Pouring rain and heavy snowfall sweep the nation as winter gets off to a late start



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Heavy rains have been soaking up the country for the past couple of days from north to south and snow is finally here, officially marking the beginning of a delayed winter in Albania.

Precipitation and bad weather conditions however have been causing an unusual number of incidents in several districts across the country.

Durres, Tirana, Dibra, Shkodra and Elbasan are some of the main regions, where issues are most prominent, starting from traffic congestion to power outages.

In Diber, the Kace Bridge has collapsed and 10 families are now isolated. The Erzen River is being kept under close watch due to heavy rainfall in the Sukth region. The Vjosa River along the Mifol Bridge is also being closely monitored.

The Arber Road and Qafe-Muzina have faced difficulties in circulation, but the ministry of defense recently declared that the situation is slowly going back to normal.

Euronews Albania reporter in Vlore, Ebrieta Macaj reported that yesterday, the intense rains settled down but were replaced by heavy winds.

Macaj also stated that due to the heavy rainfall in Permet and Leskovik, the Vjosa River has overflowed its banks. Yesterday, the level was 6.34 meters whereas, at the moment, it’s sitting at 6 meters. In addition, due to rising water levels, the livestock market of Novosela was unfortunately flooded. Civil emergency authorities have been tasked with monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, fishing boats have been prohibited to go out to sea for the past 4 days and are expected to get further notice later today, if weather conditions get back to normal.

In regards to the Mountain of Llogara, authorities have taken necessary measures in order to make it passable and the circulation of motor vehicles is going on as usual.

In Korca, heavy snowfall has continued through the entire night yesterday.

Euronews Albania correspondent from Korca, Xhensil Shkembi reported that in Dardha the snow’s thickness has reached a level of 30 cm, whereas in Voskopoja, it’s currently at 10 cm. Traffic was interrupted last night as four vehicles were unable to drive into the tourist village.

In addition, the Panariti village of more than 100 residents has been blocked. Snow levels have reached 40 centimeters but for these residents, this is nothing new, as they usually get isolated at this time of the year.

All national road axes are currently open, whereas authorities recommend drivers to put on snow tires and chains.

60% of the city of Pogradec experienced power outages yesterday but as of today, the situation has been normalized.

Apart from all other issues, Korca is still welcoming visitors that want to enjoy the breath-taking views and beauty of its surrounding villages that are frequently visited by tourists during the winter.

Euronews Albania’s correspondent in Korca also noted that weekends during the entire month of December are completely booked!



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