Berisha can’t run as a DP candidate – so what are his other options?



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Based on the current situation, if the elections were to be held tomorrow, Berisha wouldn’t be able to run as a DP candidate, as the current register of Tirana’s District Court shows Lulzim Basha as the current chair of the Democratic Party.

This was noted by the former chair of CEC, Kristaq Kume, who went over the different steps when applying to become a candidate in an election.

In order to register as an electoral subject and participate in an election, someone needs to submit a series of forms and documents to the Central Electoral Commission.

The former chair of CEC, Kristaq Kume, explained the process, saying that initially, one needs to apply for a document at Tirana’s District Court, which acts as proof that shows that a subject has been registered as a political party.

This document includes answers to the following questions:

  • Who is the party leader?
  • Who has the ‘power of signature’ for the candidates appointed by the party?
  • What is the party’s corporate seal?
  • What is the party’s official logo?

The head of CEC then proceeds to register the political subject that has referred the necessary paperwork to the Electoral Commission.

And based on the following, the chances for Berisha to run in the elections under a Democratic Party, which is officially led by Lulzim Basha, are slim.

But what are other ways Berisha can register in these elections?  

According to Kume, one way could be for him to run as an independent candidate, but still campaign under DP’s logo.

This wouldn’t be against the law.

Meanwhile, another option would be through a coalition.

The issue, according to Kume, isn’t registering in the elections, but rather the political undertones that surround Berisha’s current presence in the public eye.




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