Manipulation claims and allegations in the battle for FSHF



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Elections for the new head of FSHF are being accompanied by manipulation claims and political interference. What’s bound to happen ahead of the local elections on March 2?

According to the Federation, until February 20, those interested to participate in the race need to present their candidature.

55 delegates will be eligible to vote, divided into sports clubs and regional associations.

The situation escalated during last week’s regional elections in Tirana, where 18 delegates walked out as a sign of protest, immediately after the beginning of the Assembly.

In Durres, an elected delegate was accused of abusing his office, after forging the signature of Shijak’s mayor in a document that gave him authority over the Erzen football club.

The number of representatives in a regional association that vote in FSHF’s electoral assembly, depends on the number of teams and players in a region.

Tirana’s mayor, Erion Veliaj, has come out openly against the current FSHF president, Armand Duka, who is currently asking for his 6th term.

Jurists claim that numerous anonymous citizens voted during Tirana’s Assembly, whereas representatives of the federation say that this is political.

The other candidate for FSHF’s leadership, Eduard Prodani, has warned that he will take this case to trial, and even launch an international investigation against the current FSHF chair, Armand Duka.

Pubic accusations are expected to continue, at least until the electoral assembly on February 20.

Meanwhile, Tirana’s District Prosecution has begun an investigation into FSHF’s chair.



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