5 Maji residents call on US embassy: They’re persecuting us, give us visas!



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2 hours after their protest before the Albanian Parliament, 5 Maji residents moved their demonstrations to the US embassy building in Tirana, Albania.

They accused Rama’s administration of stealing their property and their homes. Meanwhile, they asked the US government to grant them a visa, which would allow them to move to the United States as at the present moment, they see no future in Albania.

“We’ve lost all hope. Rama has killed all of our hope. We are calling on the United States to issue us a US visa, so that we can leave and the big fish can continue to stay here,” – said one of the protestors.

5 Maji residents protest before the US embassy

“Don’t leave us at the mercy of criminals. They’re persecuting us, they’re massacring us. They’ve been in power since 1944’. They’ve destroyed churches and mosques, now they’re destroying our homes. Give us visas so we can leave from here,” – said another of 5 Maji’s residents.

More than 400 homes will be demolished at the end of a state-ordered reconstruction project that will build a brand-new neighborhood in the area known as 5 Maji in the capital city.

Citizens have been forced out of their homes – the majority of whom are now homeless and concerned that they’ve been given no guarantee that they’ll actually have a new home in the new neighborhood.

Citizen stands in the middle of rubble at 5 Maji in Tirana, Albania. Credits: LSA

Protestors have also been asking the government to grant them rental assistance known as a ‘rent bonus’ – as they have no means to cover rent, now that they’ve been displaced.

Municipal officials have argued that they’ve given 5 Maji residents a chance to sign a contract that will act as proof for their expropriation compensation but the majority of them have refused it.

In addition, PM Rama has publicly promised all former 5 Maji residents a home in the new neighborhood, but protestors remain unconvinced as they haven’t been given a single document to show that they won’t lose their homeownership rights and end up homeless at the end of all this.



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