Berisha: Albania has the highest oil and gas prices in all of Europe



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Former PM Sali Berisha is holding an extraordinary press conference.

The reason for this, according to Berisha, is to denounce the Rama administration for allowing an incredible rise in prices for oil and food products

Berisha accused Rama of playing the role of the ‘spokesperson for oil companies’ by rising prices and becoming a burden for Albanian citizens.

“In this war, along with the barbarian Russian cohorts who are committing horrible crimes, we are faced with yet another cohort, not only in Ukraine but in all of Europe, who are speculating and like leeches, they want to become rich off of this war,” – said Berisha.

In addition, Berisha said that Albania has the highest oil prices in all of Europe despite the fact that we are producers and that our average wages are “10 times lower than countries in Europe”.

Berisha also laid out his demands for the current government.

“We are asking for the complete exclusion of VAT tax on our oil and electricity,” – said Berisha.



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