DP new statute aims to make the party more democratic, says Bylykbashi



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Democrat MP Oerd Bylykbashi says innovations in the statute of the Democratic Party are ‘an instrument for the democratization of the party’, after a long period of authoritarian rule.

In an interview for Euronews Albania journalist Jona Plumbi, Bylykbashi held that the new statute gave more power to collegial bodies, in order to empower members.

“We removed the powers of the chairman and the general secretary, which he had nabbed over these years and we gave them to the collegial bodies, the presidency, and the college for the strengthening of the membership, which was a priority. The other thing is that we brought the referendum”, said Bylykbashi.

Regarding the latter, one of the examples of the procedures that need to be followed is the discharge of former leader Lulzim Basha.

In regards to the factions, they are formed by establishing a different program from that of the party and hold the support of 15% of the members of the National Council, branches or Democrat MPs, in today’s terms that would be 8 parliamentarians.

“It is not an instrument for resolving a particular crisis. It gives you the opportunity to launch a different program within the party, to feel at home, or to return to their home,” he said.

The new statute gives members the right to vote on the candidates that will represent them in parliament, mayoral nominees, as well as the members of the municipal council.

The battle in court about the party’s leadership simply delays a much-needed reconciliation, Bylykbashi said.

“I have examples of how candidates who have been on Basha’s side until March 6 are being elected to leading positions. The base is closing this rift caused by Lulzim Basha quickly, it was his responsibility, not that of those who believed in him, “, said Bylykbashi.


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