Rinas braces for the arrival of over 20 000 soccer fans on May 25



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Around 20 thousand passengers are expected to come to Albania to watch the final of the Conference League that will take place at the Air Albania stadium on May 25.

This is considered to be a historic event for Albania, but it will also act as a test for our hospitality sector and capacities.

The first step for these tourists will be the Rinas International Airport. But how will the reception of over 20 thousand passengers be managed the moment they land on Albanian soil?

“TIA has all the necessary capacities to host events of this magnitude. We have been preparing intensively for this day,” – said the head of Rinas Airport, Constantine Von Albvensleben.

UEFA experts will also arrive in Tirana in order to monitor the situation and contribute in the implementation of the rules set in place for such events.

After the planes of both teams will land on the Rinas airway, authorities will have set up a dedicated parking spot, so that players can easily head to their private terminals.

Meanwhile, the parking spots for the planes that will be bringing in the fans will require a different management scheme.

The Rinas airport is also working on elevating a second floor, which will be part of the expansion efforts for this terminal.

The great final will serve as a great chance for the Albanian tourism sector to prove itself and show that it has all the capabilities of handling such a large and important event.




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