Rama proposes to start publicizing citizens’ wages at least once a year



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During a press conference, PM Edi Rama spoke about the ongoing work of the Special Anti-informality Unit, while also declaring that the publication of the list of salaries of more than 630 thousand Albanian citizens, was actually positive.

In addition, Rama said that in the next National Consultation Survey, citizens will be asked whether or not they would be in favor of publicizing these lists at least once a year.

“Countries that do this say that it has the greatest self-regulating effect because through transparency it creates positive pressure in the business community. We too believe this to be true,” – said Rama.

The prime minister also noted that due to the pressure rom public opinion and the government’s efforts “the average wage was gone up by 25% for minimum wage workers”.

Last December, a list was leaked containing sensitive information on 637 thousand citizens, including their monthly salaries for January 2021.

A few days later, a second list was published with wages for the month of April 2021 – a list which also contained other personal information like license plates, phone numbers and e-mails.

4 citizens were arrested as a result of this massive data leak.

At the moment of its publication, PM Rama initially accused the opposition of being involved in the incident.

The leaked pay slips identified the reality of many businesses declaring fictive wages and thus avoiding taxes.

Rama gave these businesses an ultimatum until January 20, to declare the real wages or else face repercussions for fiscal evasion.



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