Price of raw materials in the building industry went up by 20-40%



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The price of raw materials in the building industry went up by 20-40% since the end of the pandemic and the start of the Ukraine War.

According to data collected from operators in the Albanian market of raw materials, the price of 1 ton of steel went from 700-1050 euros – a 33.3% rise.

Cement – the main element in the construction of public work, including roads and buildings – suffered the highest price increase.

The price of cement went up by 45%, going from 66 euros per quintal to 148 euros.

Bittium went up by 21%, from 45 euros per kg to 57 euros.

Wholesale vendors report that these price hikes started in January 2022 and peaked with the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Many large companies lowered production during the pandemic due to the restrictions imposed by the government on the number of people who could go to work, followed by a block in the supply chain.

The war forced many countries to start limiting the sale of these materials, at a time when Russia ranks among the 5 leading producers of steel and Bittium.


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