Free Iran Summit postponed following terrorist threats in Durres



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The World Summit of Free Iran which was planned to take place from July 23-24 at the Ashraf 3 camp in Manez, Durres, has been postponed due to a terrorist attack threat.

The decision came after recommendations from the Albanian government and threats of a possible terrorist attack.

The US embassy in Tirana announced yesterday that Albania should be on high alert due to the risk that the Free Iran Summit could be targeted by terrorists.

The embassy called on American citizens to avoid the Summit at all costs, follow the local news and keep a low profile.

Members of the MEK have been an ongoing target of the Iranian regime whose leaders have mentioned Albania and criticized it for “sheltering terrorists”.



  1. Shocking to know while Iranian terrorist regime is planning for another terrorist attack on the world Free Iran Summit tomorrow, the Belgian government is releasing Assad’s, the regime’s diplomat-terrorist involved in plotting to bomb the same summit in 2018 in Paris.
    It seems that the Belgian Prime Minister and all those who supported his treaty with the Iranian Mullahs to release this terrorist sentenced to 20 years want to shamelessly appease Iran by paying from the pocket of Iranian people.
    Knowing Iranian Resistance capabilities, the Belgian Prime Minister is playing with the lion’s tail! l seriously doubt they can actually succeed in this dirty deal!

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