Minister Bledi Cuci reacts to Berisha’s allegations against him



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The Minister of Interior Bledi Cuci has reacted to the accusations made by the head of DP Sali Berisha, which linked his name with a company of water vehicles.

Cuci said that the association of sports sailboats that he has created in collaboration with some of his passionate friends has nothing to do with any business, let alone one that operated with speedboats or rafts.

“There is an attempt to produce false facts to illustrate Sali Berisha’s ready-made accusations against me after the recent tragedy in Himare. Out of respect for the public opinion, which is rightly burdened by the tragedy of the 7-year-old girl and the pain of her family, I want to clarify that the equipment registered under my name and an association of sports sailors that I have founded together with some passionate friends, do not have anything to do with any business, let alone one that operates with speedboats or dinghies. I refute these tricks with disgust, as they want to misuse this tragic event in a disgusting way, in order to keep it alive and use it to try and solve their political troubles”, said Cuci in his reaction.

Cuci also noted that after the serious incident there was a concrete reaction from the Ministry of the Interior, and the author will be brought to justice together with the entire chain of command of the Vlora Border Police.

A 7-year-old girl died at noon on August 2 in Himare, while on vacation with her family.

The minor was hit to death while on the shore, by the powerful propellers of a motor dinghy driven by the former chief of the police station of Himara, Arjan Tase.



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