Rinvote | Ulsi Manja and Ivi Kaso face young activists on the topics of ‘Justice and Corruption’



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In tonight’s Rinvote, on Euronews Albania, young activists Silvana Rusi and Mario Keputa will be going opposite the leader of the Parliamentary Commission on Laws, Ulsi Manja and electoral expert at the Democratic Party, Ivi Kaso.

Justice Reform

SP’s candidate for MP, Ulsi Manaj stated during ‘Rinvote’ that the Democratic Party has only voted for one important law on the justice reform. He said that as of February 2019, one can’t speak about contributions of the opposition for the justice reform as its MPs gave up on their mandates.

According to Manja, DP in fact made efforts to prevent the establishment of vetting commissions back in 2017.

Activist Mario Keputa reminded the SP candidate that constitutional changes were approved by 140 MPs, but Manja emphasized that at this point, DP has only voted for the law for the establishment of SPAK.

Answering a question by activist, Silvana Rusi, about DP’s responsibility in its decision to abandon parliament, DP’s candidate for MP, Ivi Kaso stated that the lack of political consensus hasn’t sabotaged the justice reform because according to him, despite the proactive role of DP and despite everything DP did for the justice reform, the goal of the majority force was to capture the state as well as the justice system and turn things to their advantage.

Kaso also claimed that since the beginning of the reform’s outline, DP has been involved and has recommended the matters that needed resolution the most and their propositions according to the expert, weren’t taken into consideration by the Socialist Party, despite the recommendations of international institutions like the Venice Commission.

Kaso added that when DP comes in power, they will greatly improve the reform by returning the mechanism of consensus to the Albanian Parliament in order to make the institutions of justice independent from the pressure of politics.


DP’s secretary for the elections, Ivi Kaso stated the if the Justice Reform would work correctly, then politicians and high government officials would have been put behind bars.

“The day when a high official or politician goes behind bars for corruptive acts, it wouldn’t be the successful conclusion of the reform on justice, but only the first day of it functioning normally or as it should” stated Kaso.

Kaso also added that because of the current government’s use of all the state’s instruments of power, the justice reform will have to go under the scrutiny of the new justice system, which will only be possible after the April 25th election, which is when according to Kaso, high officials will start to be criminally prosecuted.

“They have made all the rules however they please; they have selected whoever they like. Criminal prosecution will only happen when the justice system can be freed from political influence and this will only happen after April 25th elections,” stated Kaso.

On the other hand, the socialist candidate Ulsi Manja replied to citizens by saying that corruption according to him is a criminal act, regardless of the level of the officials that are found guilty of it. According to Manja, the current law includes all the adequate mechanisms that exempt MPs from penal immunity, which is something that will be put to action through the work of SPAK.

“SPAK is conceptualized as a special structure that will investigate corruption in the ranks of high government officials. The national bureau of investigation is soon expected to become functional and thus I believe that in the process, SPAK’s ‘net’ will also be able to ‘catch’ politicians, who have made their hands dirty through exploiting public resources and the money of Albanian citizens,” said Manja.



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