Nobel Prize in Literature, renowned Albanian writer Ismail Kadare among nominees



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After years of controversy and scandals, the Swedish Academy will reveal today the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Among the candidates is long-time nominee Albanian writer Ismail Kadare.

The favourites for this year’s big prize are Canadian poet Anne Carson and renowned Japanese novelist, Haruki Murakami.

In 2018, the Swedish Academy was rocked by allegations for sexual abuse, eventually cancelling the ceremony for that year.

In 2019, the Nobel Prize for Literature went to Peter Hendke, causing wide outrage and public outcry due to the author’s outspoken advocacy to the Serbian army during the war in the Balkans in the 90s.

Several countries, including Albania, demanded that the price be stripped away from the Austrian author.  

October can be considered as the month of the Nobel Prizes as several important awards are accorded in different areas.

In the upcoming days, the much anticipated Nobel Prize for Peace and Economic Science will be announced.



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