Best museums to visit while in Tirana, at only a walking distance



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In order to be a part of something beautiful in Tirana, you don’t need to look too far nor drive a long distance from the city center. In the list of places, you absolutely need to pay a visit or show your friends, are without a doubt the National Museum of History, followed by the House of Leaves and even the Museum of Archaeology.

The director of the Institute of Archelogy, Luan Perzhira, shone more light onto the archeologic object the ‘Lamp of Pecë’, an object that he deemed especially unique, not only in terms of its physical shape but also because of its symbolism.

“An object that is truly unique, is called the Lamp of Pecë, which got its name because it was discovered in the territory of Kukes. If we look at the scheme of the “Last Supper” painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, we can see at the top corner a lamp exactly like this one,” stated Luan Perzhira.

In the Museum of Archelogy, everything from statues to amphoras as well as the jewelry tell a significant story and paints a picture of how life developed in our lands.

“This emblem we are looking at here belongs to the tomb of Bersh. At the time, the concept of the afterlife was understood in such a way, where people were buried together with a sample from all the objects used in their daily life including luxury objects because it was believed that the deceased would take these objects with them in the afterlife,” explained Perzhira.

Apart from preserving and exhibiting works of significance, the mission of a museum is also, without a doubt, to educate.

“Schools can illustrate the subject of Albanian history to their students here, whereas architects can find numerous sculptures as well as the patterns of urban development that took place during antiquity in Illyria and other regions,” stated Perzhira.

Museums help one understand the history of their nation and their ancestry at the same time. In order to learn, who we are it serves to know, who we used to be and apart from the National Museum of History and Archelogy, the “Museum of Leaves” is crucial in learning our nation’s history. This museum is dedicated to the period of our dictatorship regime, showcasing files and documents that demonstrate how the activities of Albanian citizens were monitored in detail by the system.

Etleva Demollari, director of the “House of Leaves” also known as the Museum of Secret Surveillance spoke about the importance of this museum, which introduces citizens to the dictatorship era.

“The focus of our program as a museum has been the education of the younger generations so that history isn’t forgotten. The visit consists in getting acquainted with the museum and simulating a real-life conversation with a citizen imprisoned by the regime of the time,” said Demollari.

“This museum is for all of those that want to understand how the communist regime worked and how psychological abuse was forced upon Albanian citizens,” she added.

Digital e-books and interfaces that help visitors get extra information about the different pavilions are available in all these museums.

Continuing with the list of suggestions is “Bunkart” as well as the Historic House-Museum of the great Albanian writer, Ismail Kadare.

Another space that isn’t as well-known but nonetheless very worthy of visiting by those interested in getting to know the local flora and fauna, is the Museum of Natural Sciences.

The representative of the research centre for the country’s flora and fauna, Julian Shehu stated that the Museum of Natural Sciences offers premises for internships and practices not only for students of Biology but also those from the University of Agriculture as well as other private universities. Shehu also spoke about the different species that can be found in this museum.

“This is a whale’s progeny, which lost its way and ended up in our coastline in Durres. Since 1954, this species started to spread in the Ionian Sea, in the Aegean Sea as well as the territories of Greece and Turkey. This is currently an endangered species in our territory,” stated Shehu.

Our suggestions will now move on to the weekend activities lasting only temporarily. The beautiful city of Shkoder is hosting a two-day ‘Retro’ parade, which is an annual event that includes a live outdoor gathering of vintage cars driven into the city by car collectors and enthusiasts, followed by locals and visitors dressed in colourful vintage clothes and of course, the rhythms of Jazz and Swings.

In addition to all the beautiful places available in Korça this Saturday, you will be able to enjoy the artistic concert “Spirit of the Balkans”.

Lastly, the beautiful coastal city of Vlora is hosting the exhibition of painter Hajdar Danjolli, titled “The past has yet to pass”.




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