Elhaida Dani’s path to success and new projects in Albania



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Elhaida Dani had a lot on her agenda during the months she stayed in Albania, and that included wrapping up a whole new album titled “Zanin” (Voice).

Elhaida, whose voice has been a frontrunner on many competitions, despite currently living in Italy, decided to leave a legacy where it all began, in Albania.

“I’ve worked hard all summer creating music and lyrics in the studio with Elgit Doda, Kledi Bahiti, and Alban Kondi. I did it because it was something I had to do, with no marketing reasons behind it. I felt that it was necessary to do it in my mother tongue”, said Elhaida.

The album has five new songs, but two are the most heartwarming for Elhaida. To the public, the album comes a mosaic, where everyone can find pieces of themselves.

Elhaida tells us that the future is looking bright when we asked her about any other upcoming projects.

“The first project will be in South Korea, this November. I will return to Albania in December, and then head to Italy by February for some other new projects”, she says.

Elhaida has been rocking the international scene for about five years, promising that she will come as Esmeralda from “Notre Dame de Paris” to the Albanian public very soon.

But her road to success has not been quite simple, she confided. Elhaida says that it took years of dedication and solitude from being away from her family and home country, that consequently, she learned how to turn into strength.

“In all these experiences I’ve almost always been alone. Regardless of the connections and friendships I’ve established across the world, and I am very proud of that, I continue to fight to grow even more in my career, in the purest form, without compromises, and I wanted to convey that message to every Albanian girl: Yes, you can!”, concluded Elhaida.


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