‘A Meeting of Two Worlds’ festival brings together classical music and Greek poetry



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The festival ‘Takim mes dy boteve’ or A Meeting of Two Worlds’, was held yesterday at Tirana’s Helen Park, in Farka, which showcased Greek music along with classical icons.

From the city of Gjirokastra, the 14th edition of the festival arrived to Tirana last night, before mooring at the Helen Park along the Lake of Farka, to bring viewers a long night of good music infused with contemporary Greek poetry.

Last night, the stage was shared amongst two cellists, father and son, Vangjel and Fernando Nina, actress Ema Andrea and translator Sokol Cunga.

The musical repertoire included pieces written by renowned Greek authors as well as other classics.

“We are playing parts from the classical era to the more modern one, all the way to our day and age. We tried to put together authors of Albanian, Greek, Italian and Irish heritage,” – said cellist, Vangjel Nino.

The act of speaking through poetry was an excellent novelty of this year’s edition, which beautifully entwined both the Albanian and Greek language.

The festival ‘Meeting of Two Worlds’ was organized by the Greek Embassy and ‘Argjiro’, and during the course of 14 editions, it has been bringing the Albanian public a fine selection of music and interpretation, stretched across various different cities.




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