Lawsuit over genocide? Vučić warns Albania and Kosovo



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The President of Serbia, Aleksander Vucic has stated that the warning of Kosovo’s public officials to file a lawsuit on grounds of genocide against Serbia, could only be achieved through another country, Albania.

“You are threatening to take Serbia to court for genocide? You can only make this happen through another country, which is Albania – this means unification with Albania. I ask Albanians of Kosovo to not do this,” declared the Serbian president.

During an interview for Pink TV in Serbia, Aleksander Vucic also commented on the issue of border adjustment, which according to him is a theme that is being treated one-sidedly against Serbia.

“When hearing people’s reactions, where they take a stance against changing the borders, you know that they are openly lying to you; they are in fact, in favor of changing Serbia’s borders. Then, they tell you that their stance is held because of the humanitarian catastrophe. Isn’t there a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq? You still haven’t separated Basra from Iraq, or Homs from Damascus. You have only done this to Serbia. For Europe, Serbia is only successful without Kosovo. Big powers have always done this, they want unity against Serbians,” said Vucic.

According to him, Serbia can come to an agreement with all countries in the region but foreign actors, constantly want to limit and hold Serbia back.




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