Helsinki Committee compares passivization of Presevo Albanian home addresses to ethnic cleansing



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Ethnic cleansing through administrative means. This is how the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia referred to the phenomenon that is seeing an extensive wipe out of registered residential addresses belonging to ethnic Albanians in the Presevo Valley.

In its report “Albanian minority on hold – Presevo, Bujanoc, and Medvegja as hostages of Kosovo-Serbia relations” it stressed that the passivization of the residential addresses aims to reduce the number of ethnic Albanians living in the area.

“In order to reduce as much as possible, the number of Albanians living in the south, the state is conducting the so-called ‘passivization of residential addresses belonging to Albanians’ working abroad, either in Western Europe or in Kosovo. The measure is in its essence a form of ethnic cleansing through administrative means”, the report read.

Given that there is not sufficient time to file a complaint, as well as many do not even know about the passivization of the address, Albanians lose the right to complain altogether.

The report points out other human rights violations against ethnic Albanians that live in the Presevo Valley.

Of a particular problem is the fact that school diplomas are not recognized leading to a brain drain as many have no other option but to flee, in the impossibility to find employment in public or private institutions.




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