North Macedonia repatriates 23 citizens from Syrian war camps, 11 more repatriated in Kosovo



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23 Macedonian citizens, who had been left behind in the Syrian and Iraqi wars have returned to North Macedonia earlier today.

The repatriation operation of Macedonian citizens resulted in a success for 14 children, 5 women and 4 members of the militant group of the Islamic state ISIL.

The former, where immediately sent to jail, whereas the women and children were quarantined for 14 days.

This latest operation was conducted with the help of the US embassy in Skopje, based on the country’s duties according the international law and resolutions of the Security Council of the UN.

According to the Macedonian Interior Ministry, around 150 Macedonian citizens took part in the wars in Syria and Iraq and to date, around 100 have come back.

In addition, this Saturday Kosovo also repatriated 11 of its citizens from the conflict areas in Syria.

The interior minister, Xhelal Sveçla have said that the return of citizens left behind in war camps, is a duty and responsibility for the Kosovo government.

The US embassy in Prishtina also reacted to this repatriation, commending Kosovo’s “willingness to take responsibility for its citizens, while creating a precedent for others as well. Kosovo is a leader in the battle against terrorism and extremism,” stated in the notice posted by the US embassy in Prishtina.



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