“Passivization of ethnic Albanian addresses in Serbia is political”, says Sonja Biserko



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The founder and president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, Sonja Biserko, declared that the passivization of ethnic Albanian mail addresses is more of a “political matter”. In an interview for Euronews Albania, Biserko underlined that the issue is being held hostage in face of Kosovo’s status, which according to Belgrade, remains unresolved.

“All minorities live in a form of seclusion and the Albanian community is perhaps the most affected because Kosovo is still an open case for Belgrade and directly tied with the solution of its status”, Biserko said.

According to the renowned human rights activist, this is one of the problems that needs to be addressed at the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue roundtable mediated by Brussels.

“I think that this should be taken up in the dialogue between Prishtina and Belgrade because this is one of the pending problems which are not solved and somehow these people live in the vacuum. Since there is not going to be any swapping of territory, or changing of borders, their situation should be finally settled in a way that would guarantee their integration in the Serbian society, Serbian economy, and Serbian culture”, declared the president of Serbia’s Helsinki Committee.

Furthermore, Biserko suggests that it is the international community that must exert more pressure on Belgrade in order to stick to the agreements it has signed on the integration of minorities.

“They should take up this problem seriously and try to push Serbia to implement all the agreements signed that have been signed between the two sides after 2000, after the rebellion in the south of Serbia, that we had three agreements which guaranteed the integration of the Albanian community in all these state and public institutions. It didn’t take place. In the beginning, it seemed as if it would follow through, but unfortunately, in the meantime, all this stopped and we can say that there are hardly any people who are employed in different state or public institutions. So, there has to be more done”, concluded Biserko.




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