Vucic reacts to Erdogan’s statements: Kosovo isn’t Turkey, it belongs to Serbia



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The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic has declared earlier today that Serbia will oppose any possible new lobby working on the recognition of Kosovo’s independence.

One day ago, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the lobbying for the worldwide recognition of the sovereignty of Kosovo would be intensifying. Serbian media cited Vucic, saying that he would “try to speak to Erdogan regarding this matter”.

“We’ll try to speak to him [Erdogan]. Until September 1st, according to the Washington Agreement, both parties [Kosovo and Serbia] are obligated to not lobby on their recognition or lack thereof. If they [Kosovo] start this recognition action after September 1st or prior to it, we will nonetheless oppose it,” – is how Serbia’s Pink TV cites President Vucic.

The Serbian president called Turkey a ‘great-power and president Erdogan ‘a great leader’, but on the other hand he pointed out that ‘Serbia isn’t that small that it wouldn’t oppose this kind of lobbying’.

“Serbia protects what is its own. This [the issue of Kosovo] isn’t Turkish, it belongs to Serbia. The only thing that is left for us, is to fight for our country and our citizens. He is very strong, we are not, but I believe that he will soften his tone,” – is how Pink TV cited the Serbian president.

“Serbia has its own borders and they are recognized by the United Nations and we are only interested in them, including Kosovo and Metohija, as parts of Serbia, in accordance with Resolution 1244. That’s all. I won’t ask forgiveness from anyone, never again,” added Vucic.




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