In 2023 there will be no borders between our countries, Vucic says



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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia must stand united in order to increase the level of economic cooperation among them.

His remarks came during the Economic Forum for Regional Cooperation taking place in Skopje.

During his word, Vucic emphasized that “we must leave the past behind” and look toward the future to secure a better life for citizens.

According to the Serbian president, the main priority is removing the borders between the three countries by 2023.

“One of the conditions is to build mutual trust. The second is to see whether our governments can promptly reach these results. If we overcome all these weaknesses of our administration or not, and if we succeed, we will no longer have borders by January 1, 2023. Border crossings will remain, but not for our citizens”, he said.



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