Zaev: A new wind of cooperation is blowing today in Skopje



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“A new wind of cooperation is blowing today in Skopje”, were the opening remarks of North Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev at the Economic Forum in the capital which brought together the Albanian, Macedonia, and Serbian heads of state.

The forum, which aims to increase regional economic cooperation was also attended by over 300 business companies from the three countries.

“This is a strong message that the Balkans are creating a high level of understanding that economic interconnection and the creation of a vivid Balkan economic area is a mutual ambition”, said Zaev.

North Macedonia’s premier also emphasized that these efforts have the full support of both President Vucic and PM Rama.

According to Zaev, only an interconnected region can move forward to European integration.

The main objective is that we don’t have citizens get stopped at the border; prepare policies for free movement of services through mutual recognition of the qualifications and electronic signatures; guarantee the free movement of students, experts, and businessmen as well as facilitate the movement of the capital for a free financial market.

The three leaders are expected to sign 1 agreement and 2 cooperation memorandums.



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