More non-grata designations to be announced in the region, warns DoS official



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The deputy secretary of state for South Central Europe Gabriel Escobar warned that there will be more public designations in the region during an interview for Voice of America.

Asked on the reason why none of the incumbent state officials have been punished yet, despite widespread corruption in Albania, Escobar asserted that it is only a matter of time, but without mentioning any specific names.

“You will see other designations throughout the region. I don’t want to comment on any particular case, but we aim to use these competencies for the scope they were created in the first place”, said Escobar.

Regarding the public designation of Sali Berisha, who was declared ‘non-grata’ at a time when he did not have any decision-making power, the high US official said that a lot of research went into it, especially to verify the sources.

Escobar reiterated that the decision taken against Albania’s former premier is about impeding corruption, and is not related to the elections or internal dynamics.

He also spoke about the recent dispute between Kosovo and Serbia and emphasized that the two sides must focus on the dialogue brokered by the US.

 “In connection to the license plates, we would like to see some actions in Brussels, perhaps starting next week. In reference to the dialogue, there are many things on the table, including some urgent matters, which I think should happen, such as the war missing, or energy. But again, only through dialogue, that’s the channel we support”, he concluded.


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