Kurti announces joint secretariat: More cooperation is needed to ensure our citizens’ wellbeing



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“We have to intensify our cooperation in the name of more justice, equality, development, and welfare for Albanian citizens on both sides of the border and the entire region,” – these were the opening remarks made by Kosovos’ PM Albin Kurti during his joint press conference with PM Edi Rama.

Kurti insisted that during his meeting with Rama, “there were more discussions between the countries’ ministers rather than between him and Rama” and that during the 1 hour and a half, “there were no mentions of the Balkans or Serbia, but only Kosovo and Albania”.

Needless to say, it seems obvious that PM Kurti wanted to make sure that his meeting with the Albanian prime minister, was only focused on the countries’ bilateral relations, and not at all on the controversial ‘Open Balkan’ initiative or Kosovo’s constant dispute with Serbia.

In addition, Kurti said that both governments have the chance and potential to complete the projects that are expected of them by citizens of both countries.

Kosovo’s prime minister also underscored that there needs to be a closer collaboration in the area of trade in goods and services.

“We talks about all the fields pertaining to our governance, and we pledged to view overall coordination and synchronization as a particularly important objective. We spoke as well, on further advancing our existing agreements,” – said Kurti.

An announcement was also made during the joint press conference, about an upcoming meeting between both governments, expected to take place sometime during the second half of November.

“We have also agreed to designate a coordinating secretariat focused on our bilateral relations that will be led by Gentian Sala,” – concluded Kurti.



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