Rama calls Serbia’s military tactics ‘unfair and theatrical’



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Albanian PM, Edi Rama said that Serbia’s recent military actions at their border with Kosovo resemble ‘theatrical manoeuvers that elicit vandal nationalism’.

During a joint press conference with his homolog in Kosovo, Albin Kurti, PM Rama considered Serbia’s reaction unfair, by emphasizing that Kosovo has simply asked to implement an arrangement of “reciprocity that had been previously agreed upon”.

“Those [military] maneuvers don’t protect Serbian citizens in northern Kosovo, as is being alleged […] Serbian citizens are living their lives, unthreatened by anyone. In fact, their electricity bills are covered for, something that is completely unprecedented in the rest of the Balkans or anywhere in Europe,” – argued Rama.

“These maneuvers only serve to revive the old shadow of the past while also provoking a vandal nationalism of the arsonists of government offices, whose only role in the first place, is to serve Serbian citizens, who aren’t victims of some kind of state-imposed repression or ethnic persecution – on the contrary, they are hostages of the constant stagnation of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue,” – continued the Albanian PM.

In addition, Rama emphasized that “Kosovo is right, and that’s that!” while criticizing the way that Serbia’s president, Aleksandar Vucic has turned the issue of license plates into a “conflictual commonplace”.

“Serbia has no right to turn the issue of vehicle license plates for every-day use into a conflictual every-day thing, where he is giving the fly the configuration of a bull, as if the Government of Kosovo announced some kind of war, when in fact all they asked for, was the implementation of a previously reciprocally arranged agreement,” – added Rama.

Albania’s PM also said that Tirana’s official stance is clear – the sides should resolve this matter through dialogue and that this recent occurrence has repositioned Kosovo within the dialogue, granting it its rightful equal status.

In turn, Rama also suggested that the engagement of Kosovo’s Special Forces “be carefully considered” so that it doesn’t turn into an issue between Kosovo and its international partners.



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