Abazovic proposes new minority government as the only way out of Montenegro’s crisis



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Ura Civic Movement and the Civil Society Alliance (CIVIS) are proposing to form a minority government in Montenegro, that could bring the country out of the current crisis.

Montenegro’s deputy PM, Dritan Abazovic and the leader of Ura, said during today’s press conference that all MPs in the Montenegrin Parliament must side with this new model of government, as it would be the only way to bring the country closer to its European objectives.

“We are proposing a solution, but we’re not forcing anyone. It is time to put an end to the current impasse blocking our European path. If this situation isn’t resolved, elections are the only obvious solution,” – said Abazovic.

The parties that would make up the minority government would have 14 seats in Parliament and need the support of at least 30 MPs from the biggest opposition party in Montenegro – the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

The Montenegrin Parliament has a total of 81 MPs.

The current administration led by PM Zdravko Krivokapic has been targeted by critics of the majority government since the very beginning of their term in power.

The current government is facing problems as it lost its parliamentary majority because the DF wants ministers in the government, and PM Krivokapic is against it.

Forming a minority government as a way out of the political crisis was proposed back in December when URA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Albanian and Bosnian parties.



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