Greek PM: We support the continuation of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue



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During an official visit to Belgrade, the Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsokakis showed his country’s support for the continuation of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Greece is one of the five countries in the European Union that still hasn’t recognized Kosovo. Athens does nonetheless have an official Kosovo Interest Office in Prishtina.

While giving a press statement in Belgrade, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsokakis reemphasized the Greek government’s stance, confirming its support for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as the possibility that a successful agreement could ultimately be reached.

“We wish to see a normalization of relations with Prishtina and this is why we give our support for the continuation of the dialogue process. We want to see the achievement of an agreement which would be legally binding and in the interest of both sides, but it would at the same time, create a favorable atmosphere for cooperation in the Balkans,” – he said.

In addition, European media network EURACTIV has reported that during his remarks, the Greek PM is steadfast on the fact that Athens will not change its position on Kosovo.

“We have not seen any progress in recent months, and I know that Alexander has committed himself to continue negotiations, in order to solve this problem in a fair way,” said Mitsotakis, according to EURACTIV jouranlist Zeljko Trkanjec.

Dialogue roundtable, PM Albin Kurti, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, EU High Representative Josep Borrell, and EU Special Envoy Miroslav Lajcak

In a joint press conference with the Greek PM, the Serbian president Alexandar Vucic, said that at this point, they want to see a solution but that this solution has to be in the form of a compromise – instead of it being imposed on Serbia and the Serbian nation.

Since 2013, both countries have been engaging in an EU-mediated dialogue in Brussels. So far, little has been achieved in the direction of normalizing relations.




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