Berisha: We are in a revolution, Rama is interested in violence

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, declared that the opposition action has already turned into a revolution.

During his speech at the blue headquarters in a meeting with the heads of DP departments, Berisha said that the only one interested in violence is Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“We are in a revolution and I will stop here, I ask for your understanding. This is a bit of a lofty word and I am often told why I am using this term. I understand those who ask me, but why do I use it? Because we have a monist, monist regime that has established the de facto system of vote elimination. You all know the electoral process. But if I, the prime minister, mobilize the entire state machinery and you lead a political force and you compare with me, I with a logistics 100 times greater than yours, with a budget the same as the state budget, this makes the elections fictitious that the elections have a basic condition; player on equal terms. Why peaceful because we are a democratic force, we are not a force of violence. We are not swayed from this position, no one can intimidate us. I tell you here, this is a matter of deep conviction. Edi Rama is interested in violence. In fact, not only him, but also others, but we are a political force that believes in the power of the peaceful movement, believes in the power of civil disobedience”, the chief democrat emphasized.