Competition Authority prohibits the increase in the price of new driver’s licenses

The Competition Authority has suspended the patent price increase.

The decision was taken during the meeting held this Friday, where it was announced that the price increase was in violation of the “law for the protection of competition”, the agreement reached between DPSHTRR, driving school associations and Taxes.

The authority assesses that the agreement will hinder, limit and distort competition in the market and as such it should be prohibited.

As mentioned above, the Competition Commission took decision no. 970, dated 24.03.2023: Act Agreement no. 2729 prot., dated 13.02.2023, signed between the parties: the General Directorate of Road Transport Services, the “National Driving School Association”, the “Road Safety” Driving School Association and the General Directorate of Taxes, is considered an agreement act contrary to Article 4 of Law 9121.2003, “On the Protection of Competition”. Monitoring the market of the preparation service and equipment with a driving license, according to the category of driving license, evidence or certificate, for a period of 1 (one) year. The non-implementation of this decision constitutes a serious violation of competition in the sense of article 74, point 1, letter c), of law no. 9121/2003.