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Vacancies at Constitutional Court, JAC dismisses 4 other candidates

Latest update: 06/10/2020 - 14:32
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The Justice Appointment Council, after meeting on Monday to discuss about the candidates for the vacant spots at the Constitutional Court, raised the red flag on four of them.   

 “The Justice Appointment Council, after assessing the acts and the procedure followed for the verification of the candidates and the documentation submitted, and after hearing the opinion the Ombudsmen, determined to terminate the candidacy for Judge at the Constitutional Court of the following:  Sergjio Mazreku, Sinan Tafaj, Shaqir Hasanaj and Zhaklina Peto”, said JAC in its announcement,

In addition, JAC decided that the verification process remains open for the following candidates: Sonila Bejtja and Eugen Papandile.

The Justice Appointment Council made a request to the Assembly and the President of the Republic to make an announcement on the two vacant posts at the Constitutional Court. The application deadline is October 14.

Currently, the Constitutional Court is dysfunctional because its members failed the vetting process or resigned.

The resumption of this important legal institution is among the most important conditions set by the European Union. According to the law and judicial reform, this court must have 9 members, three must be nominated by the President, three from the Assembly and three by the Superior Court.

The Superior Court is also not functioning as it has only 3 members out of the required 19.

Currently, there are only 4 members at the Constitutional Court.



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