Euronews Balkans is recruiting!

At Euronews Balkans we believe in people’s intelligence and think that our duty is to give you the right amount of information so you can form your own opinion about the world. News is not a matter of having preconceptions. Our role is to broadcast reality and deliver reliable news, real news, pure news.

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Euronews Balkans is the first franchise in the history of the large family of Euronews Group, the number one informative news channel in Europe.

Euronews Balkans broadcasts stories and covers the interests of all Albanians in the region and throughout the Diaspora in Albanian. Euronews Balkans shares the same values, professional standards and philosophy with the international media platform, Euronews Group.

Euronews Balkans, also lays strong foundations for this media giant in the region, as it serves as a connecting bridge for the dialogue between Europe and Albanians. We enable Europe to speak Albanian and make sure that the Albanian voice is heard throughout Europe and further.

Euronews Balkans will deliver news coverage in traditional and digital platforms to guarantee the much anticipated discourse, where anyone may get confidently involved and where everyone will face the unfaltering principles of contemporary journalism.

Euronews Balkans is the home of all opinions, from Albania to Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and everywhere else in the world. This unique platform aims to be the home of all voices. On a daily basis, we guarantee all-inclusive debates that have the public interest at heart, which we aim to serve the most.